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Message from the Principal

Small School Big Heart ’ – Being part of our school is about being part of a real community – a small school where everyone knows each other’s names, where teachers know all the students and where lifelong friendships grow. We are lucky that our community is represented by a diverse range of cultures, which not only enriches our community, but truly reflects what the real world is all about. It also helps students build empathy and understanding for others – it is what weaves and connects us together.

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We are really excited to be celebrating our 50th Birthday this year! We will be celebrating our Birthday by a formal presentation in the PAC followed by our Twilight Fete. It is going to be fantastic! We have already found some priceless pictures and historical information. If you have anything at home that you can share for this event, please let us know so that we can showcase a range of historical artefacts.

The fete committee is interested in any sporting or entertainment groups that may wish to showcase their talents. If you know of any sporting or talent agency that is interested, please provide their details to the Office or via email


Latest News

Yr 5/6 Canberra Camp – June 2017

Camp is a great way for students to develop risk taking skills (important for lifelong learning), build independence and develop their social and emotional competencies as they problem solve through situations. It is also a cherished memory that will last a lifetime!...

Magic Flute Opera Australia Incursion – June 2017

We were lucky enough to have the performance of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” visit our school. All of our Prep – Year 6 students attended and were treated to a fabulous live theatre experience. Congratulations to our wonderful children for...

Prep Excursion Chesterfield Farm – June 2017

The Preps went on their very first excursion to a children’s farm where they were involved in a real ‘hands on’ experience of farm life. They milked a cow, watched a sheep dog show, went on a tractor ride, visited the baby animal nursery, fed goats, deer, emus and...

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