Modern Teaching and Learning Spaces

Mount Waverley Heights Primary School is fortunate to have excellent indoor and outdoor facilities. From newly renovated classrooms to generous and spacious outdoor areas – there is an abundance of space for students to learn and grow. While facilities are well maintained and attractive, the school continues to seek improvements that will further enhance learning opportunities for students.

Our modern teaching and learning spaces encourage collaboration and are conducive to quality learning outcomes. These versatile spaces and all our classrooms are equipped with digital learning resources and wireless connectivity to support the changing landscape of teaching and learning in the 21st century.

New Junior School Building

In 2018, building works commenced which saw the construction of our Early Years Centre providing flexible and modern P-2 learning spaces. It is architecturally designed with a range of break out spaces, sound absorbing materials and the ability to open up or close off classrooms. The perfect combination needed for excellence in learning and teaching.

Performing Arts Centre

Our Performing Arts Centre (PAC) is a fantastic addition to the school facilities. This facility is used for a variety of school programs including our Music/Performing Arts Program, Perceptual Motor Program (PMP), Physical Education, school assembly, Out of School Hours Care and whole school incursions and school events.


EVENTS 2016 2017 2018
Performing Arts Whole School Production Artists and Writers Festival Music Festival
Physical Education  Circus SkillsTwilight SportsSwimming DancingTwilight SportsSwimming GymnasticsTwilight SportsSwimming
Curriculum Events Book WeekEd WeekInformation NightsParent Helpers Program Book WeekEd Week NightInformation NightsParent Helpers Program Book WeekEd WeekInformation NightsParent Helpers Program
Wellbeing Events Cultural Day (Japanese focus)Harmony Day Harmony DayReconciliation Week Cultural Day (Japanese focus)Harmony Day
Other Life Ed
SRC Events 1 fundraising per semester1 event per year 1 fundraising per semester1 event per year 1 fundraising per semester1 event per year

* Please note that events listed may change


Grounds – Abundant Space

At Mount Waverley Heights Primary School we offer an abundance of ‘extra’ space for our students to spread their wings both inside and out. Few government primary schools have a full-sized football oval, two basketball courts, three adventure playgrounds and a large indoor centre for whole school events. At Mount Waverley Heights, we are fortunate to have all this in addition to our modern and stimulating learning spaces.

Dream Space

Check out the photos of our new Dream Space! The students have been involved from the beginning of the planning and designing stage through to planting out the garden beds.

Car Parking Options

The school has ‘off street’ parking for the use of the school community at both the Solomon Street and Huntingdale Road ends of the school. For working families this provides an attractive option as children can be dropped off at school on the way to work.

Both locations provide a ‘drive in – drop off’ option in the mornings and parking in the afternoons. We ask that all users of the school’s parking facilities ensure they are always careful in the manner that they enter and exit the school premises to ensure safety for all. Strict speed limits of 5km apply to all areas inside the school premises.

In providing these car parking options for families, we are ever mindful that if the choice is available, we hope that families who live locally will predominantly choose to walk rather than drive.