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‘Small School Big Heart’

A message from the Principal

Being part of our school is about being part of a real community – a small school where everyone knows each other’s names, where teachers know all the students and where lifelong friendships grow. We are lucky that our community is represented by a diverse range of cultures, which not only enriches our community, but truly reflects what the real world is all about. It also helps students build empathy and understanding for others – it is what weaves and connects us together.

Our focus is on developing students ‘Connections’. Children who have a good sense of who they are, build better relationships with others, apply themselves to their learning, achieve more and are healthier and are happier! At MWHPS we achieve this through a well-designed wellbeing program and through charity work and partnerships with local projects and action groups that have a focus on social justice and global thinking. Programs within the curriculum, particularly our inquiry units, lay the foundation to create this passion and confidence.

Students need to think critically and creatively, to engage in problem solving, to work collaboratively and to communicate effectively – skills needed in an ever changing world. These skills are often referred to as 21st Century learning. Our school designed ‘REACH’ learning and teaching framework is based on the latest research and is really about quality teaching practices. These practices underpin our approach and are supported through the utilisation of graphic organisers, thinking tools, problem solving tasks, higher order questioning techniques, cooperative group work tasks and a high level of academic rigour to ‘challenge’ students in their learning. We are about developing agile thinkers who are willing to take risks and feel proud of their achievements.

Students at MWHPS have many leadership opportunities, beginning from the Early Years of learning (which include but not limited to; opportunities for our Year 1/2 students to lead and run assembly, Year 4 Community Placement Program, Buddies, etc) to develop a strong social conscience and sense of justice. We teach them to not only look for inspiration, but to be inspiring to others. We want our students to have a high sense of self-efficacy and belief that they can not only make a difference in their own lives but make a difference in the lives of others.

Sharon Reiss-Stone

School Profile

This website is designed with both prospective and existing members of our school community in mind. The aim is to provide detailed and timely information about the school. We invite you to peruse this website to find out more about the exciting range of learning programs we can offer your child.

Mount Waverley Heights Primary School is located in an established residential area of Mount Waverley within the City of Monash. Our student population is primarily drawn from Mount Waverley and the surrounding suburbs of Oakleigh and Chadstone.

The current school population, of approximately 210 students, is well serviced by attractive buildings and landscaped grounds, which command an impressive view of the Melbourne City skyline. Established in 1967, the school population is experiencing moderate growth as new families move into the area.

In 2015, our school completed a modernisation program creating a wonderful Library, Specialist Centre and Dream Space. These new spaces are further complemented by our spacious and well-maintained grounds. In 2018, building works commenced which saw the construction of our Early Years Centre providing flexible and modern P-2 learning spaces.

We have an exceptional educational facility which house eleven classrooms, Library, Information Resource Centre, Art/Craft Centre and Administration Centre. In addition we have a fantastic Performing Arts Centre to accommodate our performing arts/music program, Out of School Hours Care Program and general school events. All classrooms are air-conditioned and well maintained with modern equipment and resources, providing a bright and inviting atmosphere.

Our buildings are well complemented by spacious and attractive outdoor activity areas, including two modern adventure playgrounds with shade sails, a large oval, basketball court, netball court, large undercover pavilion and various grassed and garden areas. The school community takes great pride in the care and maintenance of all school facilities.

School Expectations

At Mount Waverley Heights Primary School we aim to provide stimulating learning programs rich in values, knowledge and skills that enable every student to realise their full potential in a safe, purposeful and caring environment. In doing so we applaud excellence; foster high levels of confidence and self-esteem and aim to prepare students as life-long learners and effective participants in the local and global community. Our students are provided with the opportunity and support to develop confidence and self-esteem within a flexible, happy and positive school environment. Students are expected to increasingly take initiative, accept responsibility for both their learning and their behaviour and to exercise various forms of leadership. Our main aim is to foster in students the qualities and skills that will enable them to adapt to an ever changing world.

Our school purpose is supported by the following school expectations that are central to the life of the school:

Be Responsible • Be Respectful • Be Inclusive

School Vision

Vision: To connect, challenge and inspire our students through their learning; developing a sense of who they are, where they fit in and how they make a difference.

Mission: To create a learning environment where we:

  • Connect students to their own emotions and feelings so that they can develop their resilience and empathy, exercise optimism and build effective relationships with others.
  • Challenge students to be critical and creative thinkers; to question, evaluate and to discover new possibilities, preparing them for a lifetime of learning new things in an ever changing world.
  • Inspire students to WANT to make a difference by appreciating and understanding the satisfaction that comes from being selfless.


Our goal is to nurture the best in our students. We achieve this by providing a safe and stimulating learning environment, rich in values, where confidence, personal responsibility, respect and inclusiveness are fostered. This is highlighted through our three behaviour expectations – Be Responsible, Be Respectful and Be Inclusive. We recognise that all children grow at their own rate and in their own way. In the partnership between home and school, the common aim is to help each child grow into a well-rounded individual – physically, academically, socially, emotionally and ethically.


Strategic Plan (2017-2020)

All Victorian schools undertake an in-depth review of student achievement and school operations every four years. This review involves all members of the school community in the evaluation process. Upon completion of this major review a new strategic plan is developed, outlining new initiatives and further improvements. The formulation of a Strategic Plan is an important step in ensuring that the school continues to grow and develop every year.

Mount Waverley Heights Goals:

Student Learning: To maximise the achievement of high quality learning outcomes for all students in all learning domains with a strong focus on Literacy and Numeracy. Embed a consistent whole school approach to teaching and learning based on the accurate assessment of student ability and the delivery of a differentiated curriculum that addresses the learning needs of all students. Continue to build teacher capacity to improve student outcomes through professional learning with a focus on shared learning within professional learning teams, coaching and peer feedback.

Student Wellbeing: To enhance the engagement of all students in their learning and develop in each individual a sense of wellbeing and connectedness to school. Embed a whole school engagement and wellbeing plan that promotes high expectations and includes proactive strategies that focus on the promotion of positive relationships, student resilience, individual wellbeing and engagement in learning.

Student Pathways and Transitions: Enhance transition programs and pathways for all students from Prep to Year 7, with a focus on students with identified needs.

Listed below are some of the School Reports, Documents and Policies that have been tabled at School Council. If you wish to see any other documents, please contact the school.