This year the Grade 5 and 6 Art Classes have taken part in the “Doodle for Google”  artwork competition. Each student had to design and draw an artwork which incorporated the Google letters and addressed the theme “I care for myself by…”

Entries were judged on the following 3 criteria by the Australian Google for Education Team:

  1. Artistic merit
  2. Creativity
  3. Effective communication of the theme

We were very lucky to be able to have Kimberley Hall and Chris Harte from the Australian Google for Education team come out last Thursday and choose 5 finalists from  each of the three Year 5/6 classes to be sent on to the Sydney office for final judging by their Visual Arts specialist Chris Betcher.

Kimberley and Chris had a very difficult time narrowing down over 70 entries to just 5 from each class, as all of our students had done an amazing job! There were some very creative ideas that came through, and some amazing artistic skills on display!

The 15 entries chosen as finalists were:

Yug, Stephanie, Zoe P, Jaap, Roopy, Nicholas, Bradley, Lucia, Eleni, Nuzhat, Lauren, Samuel P, Nathan, Nela and Filippe, 

The final winners will be announced at our next in person Assembly and all of the artworks are on display in the Art Room. 

Congratulations to all of the 5/6 students for their outstanding efforts!