The Year 2s went on their walking excursion to Scotchmans Creek on Wednesday 26th October. We had lots of fun exploring the different areas and learning all about the creek and its surroundings with our volunteers Tony, Sally, Fred and Allen from ‘Friends of Scotchmans Creek and Valley Reserve’. Thank you to our parent helpers Crystal (2T), Leanne (2D) and Angel (2M) who came along with us.

Read below to find out what interesting facts 2T learnt on their adventure!

“They use a measuring stick to measure the water.” Kamal

“They use a type of ruler to measure how deep the water is.” Phoenix

“People built a litter trap to trap all the rubbish flowing down the creek.” Lincoln

“They put concrete slabs and rocks to stop the water from taking soil from the sides of the creek.” Anisha

“We walked to lots of different places in Scotchmans Creek. I could see my house!” Max

All the water from the Creek ends up in the same place, the ocean!” Pippa