Over the last week our Year 3 – 6 students have participated in Cyber Safety workshops presented by Victoria Police Youth Liaison Officers through the ThinkUKnow programme. Each class has had the opportunity to learn about what to do to maintain their safety online and what it means to be a good digital citizen.

Topics covered have included: 

  • What do you use the internet for?
  • Before watching videos online always ask an Adult to check the ratings and why that is important.
  • Why it’s important not to provide personal information when signing up for apps or games (always create an unusual username or nickname and don’t use your real name)
  • What is the legal age to have online accounts? (13+) 
  • Being careful when taking photos – make sure that they don’t have your name, school uniform or logos, or other ways that people can identify you or your location.
  • Being careful who you talk to online – only talk to people you have met in person and play games in single player mode or with friends you know in person. 
  • Making sure that your social media settings are switched to private,  block and report users who aren’t nice
  • There is always someone you can talk to if you need help – a parent, a teacher, a trusted adult, or kids help line
  • Always communicate respectfully online – be a good digital citizen.

For more information or helpful ideas – www.thinkuknow.org.au