October 17th 2018 – WOW! What a night. A huge thank you to our industry partners who had spent many hours preparing, organising and coordinating the official  launch of our technology partnership. It was amazing to see so many representatives from each business, many of which flew down from Sydney just for this occasion. It really demonstrates the level of commitment to the Beacon School project. What is particularly exciting, is to be able to provide a S.T.E.A.M program that will help prepare our students for their future. Statistics are quite frightening – 47% of jobs that exist today will not exist in 20 years’ time. Many of which will become automated over the next 20 years. There is a range of literature and research which talks about the importance of collaboration, social and emotional skills and critical and creative thinking strategies for future proofing our students – preparing our students as ongoing learners who are able to adapt to new ideas and situations. All the strategies that we are focussed on here at MWHPS. It is reaffirming that we are providing the best possible educational opportunities for our students.