Let’s start a school seed bank!
Has your family decided to start a vegetable garden at home only to find that the shops have sold out
of seeds and seedlings? Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to rely on the shops for everything. You
can easily grow vegetables at home even in a pot and become a little more self sufficient. The
school’s vegetable garden has been a great success and a great way to educate kids about
sustainability, organic gardening and manual labour.

Thank you to everyone for not picking anything without permission even when they looked so
tempting. Most of the produce was left on purpose so we could keep the seeds for future use.
This week the kids at school collected a huge amount of seeds to start our seed bank.

Do you have memories of your grandparents keeping seeds from their favourite tomatoes and
planting them year after year? Seed saving is very simple and we would love it if families that are into
gardening could donate some to the school to be shared. Seeds saved adapt to your local
microclimate and you don’t have to rely on seeds which have come from other regions or countries.
All the seeds in our patch are open pollinated, heirloom varieties which are perfect for saving. This
video explains everything you need to get started.

Please make sure you label the seeds with the plant name, date collected and your family name. If
you have any questions about the seed bank or the veggie patch please feel free to email the school
and Ariella (Seed Bank Manager) will be in touch.