Friday 11 November is Remembrance Day — a day for us to remember those who have served and those who have died in all wars and peacekeeping operations.

To mark Remembrance Day, MWHPS held a service in our new garden at the flag posts. The SRC spoke at the service and we all paused at 11am for a minute’s silence, to remember peoples’ service and sacrifice.

The Poppies – By Zoe A Year 6

Gunshots firing day and night,

Generals and soldiers keep up the fight,

Grey takes over once emerald fields,

Old wooden planks used as shields,

Surrender is the most reasonable thing,

Each death will increasingly sting,

On the 11th of November, a treaty was signed,

The efforts of great countries combined,

And the war ended,

From grey to emerald, the fields changed,

But the shadow of war still remained,

Still, a glint of hope shone Scarlett amongst the grey,

And while the poppies still grow,

    Lest We Forget.