It was wonderful to welcome the community onsite last week to celebrate the Year 3 – 6’s Inquiry Showcase.  

The students were thrilled to share their projects and there were many very worthy highlights. There were some groups who raised a considerable amount of money for different organisations, others who collected food items for those struggling in our local community, wellbeing and mindfulness activities, designing buildings with greenspaces in mind, new ways to collect power, new design thinking machines to purify pollution or redesigning our roads to charge future cars – were just a few of the ideas presented. 

Congratulations to Akira and Jayden who were selected as ‘Best of Show’ for Year 3-4.  The boys will be running a mindfulness club at lunchtime next term in the library. Akira and Jayden were able to carefully link mindful activities to their research.



Congratulations to Haruki, Owen, Tyson and Yuan for being selected as the ‘Best of Show’ for Year 5-6.  The boys presented an out of the box thinking idea – using the weights in gyms to transfer energy to electric energy that could power gyms or houses. This idea could be applied to many everyday activities, that might mean that all of us are able to generate energy. As the boys put it – You get muscles (from working out) and we get energy – A win-win!



Congratulations to all the students involved. A big thank you to the teachers who guided and mentored the students throughout their projects.