Like everything this year, we’ve had to change our Inquiry approach which meant that students were unable to spend as much time as usual on their projects. However, last Thursday I had the pleasure of visiting the classrooms to see many groups present their solutions and findings. Once again there have been some amazing projects. Some of the highlights …

  • A bold and new idea from our ‘Affordable Energy’ topic. One group’s presentation looked at creating lightning to harness energy. It was also great to see a range of windmill and solar designs for futuristic housing considerations.
  • I loved listening to the ‘No Poverty’ groups who recognised a range of actions people can take to help others in need. I particularly loved the redesign of housing for poorer communities and ‘Shoes for School Children’ projects. Their understanding of what was important and how these changes could make a difference in many people’s lives was fantastic.
  • The ‘Life Below Water’ group demonstrated fabulous ways to share their knowledge and ideas with others and hopefully influence their thoughts and actions. I loved the websites designed, coding games, kahoots quizzes, etc that teams were able to create. Afterall, education is the key and finding innovative ways to share these ideas will help students become content creators and innovators.
  • ‘Reducing Inequalities’ saw many different projects and from very different angles. I had the pleasure of seeing a group who pursued a very hot topic – the ‘Government versus Private School Funding’ dilemma. They made excellent points and were able to write a letter to the Education Minister highlighting issues to review their policies. Eliminating racism was also another interesting topic presented. The group investigating this topic took action by running a lesson with our preps to educate them on the need for acceptance regardless of background or colour.
  • Our ‘Climate Action’ group looked at ways to establish a carbon neutral diet, foldable solar panels, wind turbines in grills of cars (to generate energy) and soft plastics.