The SRC are delighted to announce that Australian National Book Week is coming up! Book Week starts from the 17th of October and ends on the 22nd. This is an Australia-wide event and we would love to celebrate this once-a-year occasion with all of you.
The SRC have concluded that the whole school is free to celebrate, and since we are back to physical school, it would be great to celebrate with a Book Week dress up.We would be delighted to have all of you use your creative minds to dress up and come to school as your favourite book character!
Book Week is a time when communities come together to celebrate and host a variety of book-based activities.This year’s theme: Curious Creatures, Wild Minds, encourages students and adults alike to celebrate curiosity and creativity. Therefore, this year, the SRC have decided to host a whole school lunch time reading. The SRC have dedicated their time to record wonderful books for classes to listen to during lunchtime.The SRC will be reading either an award-winning fictional children’s novel or an informative passage to enthrall readers and listeners of all ages.
Can’t wait for Monday to see all the color and creativity brought to our school by the wonderful students and teachers of Mount Waverley Heights!