At our end of term assembly on Monday 3rd April we said farewell to Mrs Furlong. 

Claire, our amazing Music teacher, has worn a lot of hats – including being our Learning Specialist in IT. Earlier in the year Claire was offered an Education Specialist role in the Education Innovation Team at Datacom. She will also be leading the Beacon School Project nationally. An offer too good to refuse and her dream job! We are all devastated that Claire is leaving, but also happy for her to take on this new adventure. The great news is that Claire will be our contact for the Beacon School Project, so we will still get to work with her.

We would like to take this time to acknowledge and thank Claire for her contributions over the last 7 years. There is not much that happens at MWHPS without Claire’s involvement. Her musical and artistic talents alongside all the additional clubs, productions, concerts, etc has meant that our students have had wonderful opportunities in the Arts. Claire completely transformed our Arts program over the 7 years she has been with us and has been a key leader of the beacon school project, over the past couple of years.

Thank you to everyone who helped make Mrs Furlong’s farewell so memorable. Our School Captains, Robert and Mia, did a great job alongside the support of a range of staff. The song ‘You are the Champion’ was definitely a highlight.

We hope you will join with us in wishing Claire all the best for the next chapter in her career.