100 Days of Prep Celebrations!

This week on Wednesday the 27th of July, the Foundation students celebrated a very special milestone – 100 days of Prep! This fortunately fell on the first day after lockdown. On this special day they participated in many different and fun learning activities that related to the number 100. The students made 100 shaped glasses, gold crowns and were all given a paper $100 note to write what they would buy if they had $100.

Some students came dressed up as if they were 100 years old. It was wonderful to see some grey hair, walking sticks and glasses. They all looked absolutely fantastic! As we were unsure if students would be able to celebrate this special day at school, the Prep teachers created a fun video to show the students how excited they were to celebrate this day. The teachers dressed up like they were 100 days old, danced and there were even a couple of cartwheels thrown in!  The students loved it and asked if they could watch it 100 times. We wanted to thank Miss Spurling for her amazing singing and song lyrics. It was such a great day acknowledging how far our Preps have come.  You can watch the amazing teacher video here                                

Congratulations and well done Preps!!